Clean It Right

New Cleaning Certification Program To Give Your Business A Competitive Edge

Clean It Right is a new certification program launched by TIANB designed to provide awareness and education on cleaning your establishment with the short-term goal of re-gaining consumer confidence in returning to your establishment.

The goal of the program to increase the safety of guests, visitors and the workforce in the Tourism, Hospitality and Retail industry. This will help reassure customers that may be hesitant to travel, shop and eat out during the post COVID-19 period.

Show Your Business Commitment!

The commitment to a clean and safe environment will give your business a competitive edge now and in the future.

Businesses and organizations can now register to create a free business training account giving them access to the Clean It Right program. All accounts requests are reviewed by a TIANB Coordinator. When your account is approved you can request access codes for each employee who needs Clean It Right training.

The Clean it Right program will be available free of charge for a limited time, then a cost recovery charge will apply.

Businesses and organizations that train all of their cleaning staff (or contracted cleaners) will receive a window decal to show the public they are committed to provide a clean and safe environment.