Clean It Right

Clean It Right is a certification program launched by TIANB designed to provide awareness and education on cleaning your establishment.

This training will raise awareness and educate participants about:

  • the necessity to have all staff aware and involved in cleaning
  • types of cleaning solutions
  • the difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting
  • what happens when things are not cleaned properly
  • all the areas that should be cleaned and disinfected
  • the frequency in which they need to be cleaned
  • and much more.

Businesses and organizations can now register to create a free business training account giving them access to the Clean It Right program. All accounts requests are reviewed by a TIANB Coordinator. When your account is approved you can request access codes for each employee who needs Clean It Right training.

Businesses and organizations that train all of their cleaning staff (or contracted cleaners) will receive a window decal to show the public they are committed to provide a clean and safe environment

The Clean it Right program is available free of charge!