WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Material Information System) is an information system for hazard communication. Its key elements are the labelling of containers of controlled/hazardous products, the provision of safety data sheets, and worker education and site-specific training programs. In New Brunswick, Regulation 2016-6 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act establishes employer responsibilities for a WHMIS program. Section 7 states the following:

  • 7(1) An employer shall ensure that an employee who works with a hazardous product or who may be exposed to a hazardous product in the course of his or her work activities receives education, instruction and training
  • 7(4) An employer shall review at least annually, or more frequently if required by a change in work conditions or available hazard information … the education, instruction and training provided to employees concerning hazardous products.

Any worker in New Brunswick who is reasonably expected to come in contact with or works around hazardous products requires WHMIS training. This includes factory workers, automotive workers, retail and food industry, cleaners, contractors, office staff, healthcare workers, laboratory workers, coop students and interns, supervisors, managers, or any exposed worker.

TIANB’s online WHMIS training allows individuals to:

  • Learn at their own pace at home or work
  • Become nationally certified
  • Conform to government regulations

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