In a series of short videos (available in English and French) FOUNDATIONS for Restaurant Employees focuses on training for the restaurant industry, helping restaurant owners and managers train new employees more efficiently.

This video series teaches:

Restaurant operations overview

  • Restaurant roles: learn how your new role fits within the overall restaurant structure, and how it helps contribute to the success of the operation
  • Restaurant workflow: learn more about employees’ role within the restaurant, and how the various roles work together to create a pleasant customer experience

The Host’s role

  • Responsibilities and workflow: develop an understanding of how the host controls the flow of guests through the restaurant, and how they keep employees informed.
  • Troubleshooting: watch the host in action and learn helpful strategies to manage the flow of guests through the restaurant’s dining room.

The Expeditor’s role

  • Responsibilities and workflow: learn how to review prepared food before it is served by checking details on the chit, which summarizes each food order. You’ll see how the expo takes special care of guests with allergies and maintains communication among all restaurant employees.
  • Restaurant workflow: watch how the expeditor stops problems before they stop by staying in close contact with other employees, and by closely reviewing all orders as they come into the kitchen and before food is served to guests.

FOUNDATIONS for Restaurant Employees is a TIANB initiative in partnership with the Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.

PRICING: TIANB Members: $20   |   Non-members: $25