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Our members come from all parts of the province and represent the five industry sectors: Food and Beverage Services, Accommodations, Recreation and Entertainment, Transportation and Travel Services. We have over 435 members and adding new members everyday. This global representation provides TIANB with more strength, more knowledge and more power! Our members benefit from TIANB through invaluable advocacy and communication, advancing the New Brunswick Tourism Industry. And that’s not all! TIANB members also gain access to many benefit programs that can help to reduce the operating costs of running a business. Using these benefits can allow our members to recover the price of their TIANB membership many times over.

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FEE STRUCTURE (Based on business gross annual revenue)


Tourism Businesses Other Institutions and Organizations
Revenue up to: Fee Fee
$50,000 $150 Towns / Villages / Rural Communities $250
$100,000 $250 Cities $500
$500,000 $325 Chambers and Associations $300
$750,000 $450 Educational Institutions $250
$1,500,000 $575 Preferred Partner $650
$2,500,000 $650 Government $500
>$2,500,000 $700 Student Membership $25